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Three Key Elements for the Web

Written by on March 7, 2019

If you are reading this you would like to know the 3 key elements to be successful on the web for any Equestrian, Brand, Business/Professional. We feel that there are 3 things to always remember when presenting yourself online.

1) Update Web Content Frequently

Keeping your websites content fresh and new is a pertinent way to not only ensure that visitors will come back to your site, but will be a key factor in search engine optimization and bring you to the top of the search engine results. Visitors, whether they are current or potential clients, will be looking at and judging your site, and in essence will be judging you. Make sure that your last updates were not years ago, as you should promote your business as an engaging part of 2019.

2) Be clear about who you are and what you do

It is important to be clear and concise about who you are and what you do. Whether you are a band, brand or business you need to let people know what you have to offer. This information should include information about your team and the work that you can provide.

3) Integrate Social Media

You should make sure that you integrate some form of social media. This can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of the many other options available. And, once you add an account be sure to also keep this site updated and keep a schedule of when and what you post. For instance, if you decide to blog, keep a schedule, your visitors will be looking on that day/time for your post. If you develop a facebook page, be sure to post at optimum times.

If you need assistance in keeping your website, social media, multimedia or marketing reach out.

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