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5 Gift Ideas for the Equestrian in Your Life

Written by on December 20, 2018

Christmas is less than a week away and not a single equestrian that I know has finished their shopping.  If you’ve secured presents for more than 50 percent of your gift list, I applaud you!  I’m here to save the day if you’re like the rest of us last-minute shoppers, though, and are scrambling for purchase on the slippery gifting slope that is rapidly speeding us towards December 25th

At one time or another (and sometimes every year), we’ve all been the disappointed recipients of those terrible horse-themed throws that aren’t even long enough to cover our knees and those airbrushed sweatshirts with galloping mustangs transposed over wolves howling at the moon.  Aunt Mertyl means well but I have faith that us true horse people are committed to giving useful gifts that aren’t going to be regifted or end up at Goodwill come January 15th.  In the spirit of awesome gift giving, I present to you five options for every equestrian and every budget that you can still snag before Santa comes plunging down the chimney like an eventer into a water jump.  Enjoy!

Running With Color Art – Pet Portraits, Coffee Mugs, and Ornaments Oh My!

It’s hard to go wrong with art.  I’ve received some incredible custom pieces that hang on my walls at this very moment and I’ve received some cutesy creations that haven’t been special-ordered but are loved and used nonetheless.  While it’s too late to order anything custom at this juncture, don’t despair!  Many artists have pieces that they’ve produced over the year that will still warm the hearts of your gift recipients and if you’d prefer to do something more meaningful, almost all artists offer gift certifications so that custom orders can be placed after the holidays.  To give you some specific ideas, custom wine glasses are always a big hit, coffee cups never go out of style, and pet portraits are both affordable and accessible.  All of these items and more are available from Running With Color and don’t miss the precious treat containers and ornaments that they specialize in.  Pickup is available in Kentucky and overnight shipping is still open.

Country Creations – Wreaths for the Whole Year

            Goodness knows that we horse people are big into decoration and color coordination.  Our tailgates at shows are legendary, our show stall setups put bridal fairs to shame, and the color-coordinated outfits that we sport jumping across country and throughout our reining patterns make superheroes look as though they dug their getups out of the lost and found at a rec center.  Wreaths are the latest and greatest fad in year-around décor and Country Creations is a local-to-PA company making the cutest wreaths imaginable, complete with a choice of ribbon, adornments, decoration colors, and design.  There are a few pre-fab wreaths still available for holiday orders with overnight shipping as an option and there are gift cards available for those on your gift list who would appreciate designing their own wreath. 

Pony Locks – Custom Jewelry That Won’t Make You Look Horse Crazy

            There are few better ways to commemorate a favorite horse or a horse gone before their time than a custom piece of horsehair jewelry.  I personally own a set of beautiful earrings made by PonyLocks that don’t even look as though they’re made of horsehair but include bits of tail from every sale horse that passed through my barn between 2005 and 2015.  The looks on friends and clients faces when they see these beautiful creations is simply unforgettable.  Gift certificates are available for custom orders, pieces can be engraved and color-coordinated, and PonyLocks even offers stock items if you fancy a quick gift that’s lovely for all occasions but doesn’t need to be custom or feature mane or tail from a specific horse.  Overnight shipping available, pickup available in NC.

Coady Photography – Something for Every Thoroughbred Fan

       Coady Photography have you covered for that friend or family member that is a rabid horse racing from the roses to Dubai or that pledges their allegiance to the one horse that they feel is superior above all of the other equine athletes.  Even for the OTTB rider or trainer in your life that loves the origins of their chosen four-legged partner, you can find pillows, calendars, prints, and much more to satisfy the desires of any and every horse racing fan.  This photography company also shoots the win pictures of almost every racetrack in the country and files are available on demand.  This means you can masquerade as having done all of the legwork to get a win picture of your trainer’s OTTB when really, all you did was search that horse’s name and pay a quick fee to download and print the image yourself.  Fly under the radar, buy a bargain, and make your trainer tear up with appreciation all in one swoop by going this route.

Equiribbon Creations – Not Just for Horse Lovers!

       That pile of ribbons in the corner of the trailer tack room is just sad.  Those ribbons need a home, even if some of them only immortalize one of those times that you barely managed to stay on in the cross rails class and brought home a poo-colored 8th place…of 8.  The best news is that these ribbon creations aren’t even horse-person specific.  That crazy runner in your life that runs marathons like they’re going out of style or does those looney obstacle mud races and is probably going to contract MRSA from the barbed wire cuts that they’ve submerged in sketchy water in 100-degree weather for hours on end…yep, they’ve got them covered too!  Equiribbon even makes stockings, key chains, and other ready-to-ship items if custom isn’t what you’re going for.  Head on over to their website to check out the options they can put in the mail tomorrow.  Be sure to peruse the custom items too and maybe snag a gift card instead for a custom order after the holiday rush has ended. 

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