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Many equestrians and equine businesses come to us confused about how to allocate dollars beyond their overhead and basic expenses. Marketing, promotions, sponsorships, growth hacking… So many options. One that 4Equestrians feels is critical to success for these businesses, especially those new to their market or area, is design. Some equestrians feel design is an […]

Welcome to Want it Wednesdays. This focus of this new series is to give our listeners information about equestrian and equestrian related products and services available in the marketplace. Listen in. This week’s presenter was Magna Wave. Wednesday April 1, 2019 we had Alane Paulley from Magna Wave discuss how it works, its uses and […]

Today’s Internet world revolves around the ever-changing, even morphing, world of websites. It has become increasingly important to keep your website, social media and blogs active and interesting. I started thinking back to a time when websites were just a couple of images and some text. Usually that original site was just a couple of […]

If you are reading this you would like to know the 3 key elements to be successful on the web for any Equestrian, Brand, Business/Professional. We feel that there are 3 things to always remember when presenting yourself online. 1) Update Web Content Frequently Keeping your websites content fresh and new is a pertinent way […]

Welcome to Mental Edge. This new series is about building and maintaining mental toughness. Mentally tough riders know how to think, what to think, and how to focus when times get tough. They are clutch performers when everyone else chokes. They know that their mind is as much a piece of their performance as their […]

This week has gotten me thinking more and more about social media and how to execute it successfully for various kinds of businesses. Horse people that usually will not hire someone (because they do not see the need for nor usually have the money to) specifically to run their social media. Yet, they usually do […]

Check out this mansion that was shot because videographer was led to believe, by the village, that this house was once owned by Olympic Eventer, Lucinda Green. Yet, Lucinda never owned, nor stepped foot in this house.

Last night, Monday February 11th, we broadcast our first LIVE webinar! This webinar discussed how you take a proven path to mentally face the things in the way of your progress.  Dr. Jill Wierzba has a doctorate in kinesiology – the study of human movement and performance, and a masters degree in sport psychology – […]

Social media is a form of entertainment, but it can also be a very powerful tool. People are using social media in all kinds of ways. If you take a closer look at how equestrians are utilizing social media, you might stumble upon a few social media strategies that could work for you. They’re Using […]

What mindset to bring to actually ride great. What are you more concerned with? Looking great or doing great? In many cases, looking great seems to matter most at a show – especially for aesthetically-based competitions or disciplines. Let’s face it: Looking great matters, pure and simple. But what most people don’t understand is looking […]