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Horse Shopping in Chester County, PA In our previous horse shopping articles, we’ve explored some the most popular equine destinations around the country. We’ve ventured through Ocala FL “The Horse Capital of the World,” and through “Thoroughbred Country” of Aiken SC, and our adventures are just beginning! The next stop on our horse shopping list […]

Getting The Most from Go Horse Shop (GHS) As a new visitor to Go Horse Shop, you’re probably impressed with not only the quality of horses listed for sale, but the ease of navigation through the site and the individualized disciplines for seamless equine shopping. Everything from eventing, to polo, to prospects, and almost everything […]

Horse Shopping in Aiken, South Carolina In our first Horse Shopping article we discussed the “Horse Capital of the World”, Ocala Fl. With a bold title like that, Ocala has its fair share of rivals. Let’s dive into one of my personal favorites, Aiken SC. Aiken may have coined the term “Thoroughbred Country”, but we […]

Equine Air Travel We’ve all heard the saying “when pigs fly”, but what about horses? When we think of shipping horses, traditional trailering is usually the only option that comes to mind, whether it’s a standard pickup truck and trailer, or a commercial tractor-trailer hauling rig. One company in particular is working to change that […]

Horse Shopping in Ocala, Florida The end of summer is steadfastly approaching, and with that means that a migration is coming. But it’s not the kind of migration that’ll be covered on Planet Earth; it’s the migration of horse people of the East heading south for the winter. If you’re lucky enough to be a […]

Those who know Maya Studenmund-Simmons know that she’s no stranger to the world of upper-level Eventing. Simmons, an Advanced level Eventer, says she’s found her once-in-a-lifetime partner in Archie Rocks, who was recently syndicated in an effort to support taking him Advanced. While she’s highly dedicated to continuing the progression of her professional riding career […]

In her own words, USA Paralympic Equestrian Margaret “Gigi” McIntosh reflects on her Rio 2016 experience- from the exciting, emotional celebration of the Opening Ceremony to the true camaraderie of a team- and amidst the adventure of a lifetime, catching a moment of silence to recognize the value of both the journey and the destination. One’s first impression of the Olympic Village […]

Polo- A sport many associate with wealth, glamour and the privileged elite. But there is a unique and rarely seen other side to the sport. A view that comes from atop and beside the polo ponies, from the trailers and on the road that decidedly diverts from the common preconception of the sport. Enter: Adam […]

The Thoroughbred has a storied place in the history of eventing. Dating back to the roots of the sport — cavalry training — the Thoroughbred has long been touted as a stalwart candidate for the rigors of cross country riding and the endurance required to complete three phases of competition. As we look ahead to […]