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What mindset to bring to actually ride great. What are you more concerned with? Looking great or doing great? In many cases, looking great seems to matter most at a show – especially for aesthetically-based competitions or disciplines. Let’s face it: Looking great matters, pure and simple. But what most people don’t understand is looking […]

Have you ever found yourself riding for fun or at a show warming up for a class and thinking: “I wish I felt more confident right now.” Or maybe you were getting ready to walk into the ring and that pesky internal dialogue kept rambling on: “I’m worried I won’t do well, and I don’t […]

Websites are a key business tool. Not only for your business but your brand as well, especially if you are a rider looking to gain exposure and find sponsorship! When you think about your website this way, the design becomes more important than ever. You may even be rethinking your entire look, or have been […]

Welcome to the 4Equestrians podcast. This new series is going to focus on small startup businesses in the equine industry. We all love our horses and know that we need great resources to keep our industry moving forward and our horses happy. Our goal is to bring you the leaders that looking to make a […]