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Equine Air Travel: The Next Big Thing in Horse Transport

Written by on September 19, 2017

Equine Air Travel

Dutta Corp - Equine Air Travel

Photo Credit: Dutta Corp/

We’ve all heard the saying “when pigs fly”, but what about horses? When we think of shipping horses, traditional trailering is usually the only option that comes to mind, whether it’s a standard pickup truck and trailer, or a commercial tractor-trailer hauling rig. One company in particular is working to change that perception.

Since 1988, Tim Dutta of The Dutta Corporation has been building a reputation for doing the seemingly impossible: granting horses their wings. The Dutta Corporation (Corp.) works tirelessly to maintain top-notch, concierge-style services that ensure all horses transported by flight are delivered safely, comfortably, and as stress-free as possible.

Whether the horse is a world-class, top-level competitor, or someone’s treasured riding partner, Dutta Corp gives each horse the same level of outstanding care and attention, unmatched by other transport companies. These are just a few reasons why Dutta Corp was selected to be the primary horse transporter for all equestrian teams participating in Olympic games, World Cups, National Championships, World Equestrian Games, and more.

What To Expect

It may be surprising to some that horses typically handle flying very well, according to Dutta Corp. They offer several options for flight transport in their jet stalls, including a Coach Class 3-horse jet stall, a Business Class 2-horse jet stall, and a First Class jet stall, where a horse has an entire jet stall to himself. Jet stalls often resemble large shipping containers, and are even moved and transported into the plane like a shipping container, with the help of a special forklift.

The Dutta Corp is able to accommodate many different shipping arrangements, as well. They can ship a single horse per flight, or ship multiple horses per flight as long as their destinations are the same. With select Dutta Corp flights, owners even have the option to accompany their horses on the same plane.

Every flight is stocked with a highly qualified team of professional grooms who are skilled in delivering the best possible care for each horse, never leaving them unattended during the entire duration of the flight. While Dutta Corp’s professional grooms even have extensive experience treating minor medical issues, an equine veterinarian is always present on flights to important competitions such as championships or world cups.

It’s a good idea to have your horse vetted prior to travel via flight, so that any underlying health or medical conditions can be ruled out. Most horses are healthy enough to tolerate flying, but there are several restrictions that Dutta Corp has in place to protect horses who may not be suited for flying, such as those who have acute limb fractures or neurological disorders.

Costs, Destinations, and Customs, Oh My!

In general, for U.S. Domestic flights, owners can expect to pay roughly $3,000-$5,000 to ship their horse. This fee estimate is not associated with Dutta Corp, as they provide clients with custom quotes that are based on several varying factors, such as sex of the horse, location, destination, etc.

Dutta Corp offers a large variety of flights throughout the U.S., ranging from up and down both east and west coasts, to the Midwest and Alaska. They also offer flights to Mexico, South America, and Europe.

Dutta Corp - Equine Air Travel

Photo Credit: Dutta Corp/

When flying your horse internationally, Dutta Corp also strives to take all the hassle out of the process for their clients by handling all the customs paperwork and import procedures. This helps make the international traveling process even more seamless and stress-free for both the horse and owner.

Depending on where you’re shipping your horse, it will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the destination country’s foreign animal policies. Horses entering the European Union from the United States, for example, will have different health requirements depending on if they have a permanent or temporary health papers. While Dutta Corp steps in to handle all the customs paperwork, it’s still a good idea to be knowledgeable of the details in this area of your horse’s travel.

How To Prepare For Flight

As mentioned before, a thorough vetting is always a good idea to make sure your horse is fully up to date on their vaccines, as well as to check for any underlying or unknown medical conditions or injuries.

Aside from vetting, Dutta Corp suggests trying to maintain your horse’s regular routine and feeding schedule as much as possible leading up to their flight transport, to help minimize both mental and physiological stress of your horse.

You can also choose to dress your horse in shipping garments such as protective shipping wraps, boots, tail protectors, and poll protectors. None of these are necessary, and are entirely at the owner’s discretion. 

Will Air Travel Be In Your Horse’s Future?

You don’t have to be an elite-level competitor to consider air travel for your horse. It may be a great alternative if you ever have to move long distances, want to take your horse on a trail riding excursion somewhere you previously thought was unreachable, or want to buy or sell a horse from a long distance.

In the last few years, air transport for horses has made buying and selling horses exponentially more attainable for some individuals who found their perfect horse…just perhaps 3,000 miles away. It also helps cut down on multiple days of long travel on a commercial horse trailer, which is very stressful for horses.

Whichever your situation, shipping your horse long distances with air transportation has certainly helped thousands of equestrians ship their horse more comfortably, safely, and with much less stress than other methods of transportation. It could be just the solution to help connect you and your horse to your next big adventure.

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