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Free Website for Equestrians and their Business or Brand

Written by on May 8, 2018

GoHorse Free Website

Websites are a key business tool. Not only for your business but your brand as well, especially if you are a rider looking to gain exposure and find sponsorship!

When you think about your website this way, the design becomes more important than ever. You may even be rethinking your entire look, or have been for some time. Do you have a website? Was it designed years ago and is looking dated? We want to help!

Here are 3 Key Elements to look at:

A website redesign accomplishes a few things for your business on different levels. It can make your site more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and improve your marketing as a result. (2012)

1. Analyze what is working and what is not

Before you can make smart design and functionality changes to your website, you need to understand what can stay, what needs to go and how it could be setup to guide users.

What parts of your design are working? Use an analytics tool to see what your visitors find valuable. The stuff that’s not working is expendable – you can and should either get rid of it or improve it.

The design can either help or hinder your marketing efforts. You can’t afford to loose potential customers, clients, boarders, students, sponsors and even owners if they are turned off by your site.

BDJ Profile (2016)

2. Be sure your site is mobile responsive

A responsive website is just that: It responds to the size of a user’s screen on whatever device they’re using. It’s a web development technique that rearranges and resizes images and text so they fit comfortably on any screen and you can easily read them. It will provide the best user experience!

3. Refresh your content

We can’t say this enough, if you aren’t updating content, adding new pictures your business looks as stagnant as your website.

Sponsorship Packet

Sponsorship Packet

Be sure to make regular posts to social media

Keep it fresh and here are some ideas

  • Set up a new publishing schedule based on best practices for user engagement
  • Look at the content that’s performing well and use it as a template for developing future content

We are asking any equestrian rider, business or brand to enter our contest. The top 3 sites that are deemed most in need will win a FREE website*!

Website will include up to 6 pages, mobile responsive, wordpress website. If you have additional questions, please contact us. You can view more of our work at GoHorse Creative

Enter to win

Valid Through 5/31/18



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