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Mental Edge

Build & Maintain Mental Toughness

Dr. Jill Wierzba has a doctorate in kinesiology – the study of human movement and performance, and a masters degree in sport psychology – the science and application of mental toughness. She is not a psycholo-gist: she does not do clinical or mental health work; she is all about taking a person from good to great. She has been professionally practicing helping athletes and  performers of all types for the last 10 years – but her passion is equestrian sport. She started riding in the hunter/jumper discipline when she was 8, and never looked back; showing mostly in the jumper ring on the A circuit in Colorado where she grew up but more recently focuses on riding for pleasure and dabbling in training novice horses. For the past several years, Jill has had the pleasure of working with equestrians across many other disciplines – dressage, eventing, team roping – and sees the critical need of her expertise tailored to her fellow equestrians. We need our mental toughness perhaps even more than a ‘traditional’ athlete because our teammate is a 1200 lb. animal with a mind of its own. (it’s just not the same for a basketball player).
Jill brings the evidence – everything from her academic background and her experience in real life – she doesn’t just talk about “good ideas,” she uses scientific evidence from sport psychology and kinesiology so we know the facts and how to most effectively apply them. Jill brings the experience – as a rider herself, she knows what its like in the saddle and what the reality is when…you lose confidence, you lose focus, but you’ve got to step up and perform at your best. and how all of this can instantly affect your teammate: your horse. Jill also brings her ear – she wants to hear from you, what you’re struggling with, where you’re excited to grow and improve, what you’ve always wanted an answer to… She’s here to give you the right information so you can ride at your best when it matters the most.