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Social Media – Are You Sure You Can Execute Successfully?

Written by on February 26, 2019

This week has gotten me thinking more and more about social media and how to execute it successfully for various kinds of businesses.

Horse people that usually will not hire someone (because they do not see the need for nor usually have the money to) specifically to run their social media. Yet, they usually do not spend enough time online in order to properly run a social media campaign in which they are promoting themselves or their farm and its services. The good news for these professionals is that in the horse world this seems to pass as okay, however, soon enough it will become important to be more active.

Musicians do a pretty good job at twitter because they can give various quick updates especially when they are out touring and don’t have much constant contact with the same people night to night.

Businesses have the most difficult time of all. You are usually one main brand but offer various services. It’s not like you are coca-cola where you can create a page and devote it specifically to say coke zero or diet coke. Instead you have multiple services posted on a Facebook page, maybe twitter or Google+, or maybe you even try to keep a cross platform of social media outlet so that you can hit as many people as possible. This makes decisions difficult…do you use twitter for customer service like comcast has done? Facebook for various information and product updates? What about the newer Google+, do you think it is just another Facebook?

No matter what you choose to do, there are a few things that you must remember:  

  • Stay active with your postings
  • Post when you will have the most viewers
  • Do not just post info and hope for the best. Follow up with commentary.

If you need help working your social media, get it. The worst thing you can do for yourself, your brand or business is to run an unsuccessful or annoying campaign.  

Sounds easy? It can be. Spend the money up front and make it ways on yourself.  The sooner you  learn the science of and using social media outlets to execute it successfully the more success you will have in the end.

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